One More Chance



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Their love story began when they first met as students at the University of Santo Tomas: Popoy was majoring in Engineering while Basha was a freshman in Architecture. They were inseparable and did everything together — eating, studying and attending parties. Both their families loved them, they shared mutual friends and eventually ended up working for the same firm. Every single component of their lives revolved around each other. So, naturally, everyone assumed that they would inevitably get married someday, with Architect Basha designing and planning their dream house while Engineer Popoy building it. Everything could not be more perfect. Popoy and Basha fell into their old routines and found themselves enjoying each other's company once again. Both realized how much they had missed each other, at the same time acknowledging how much they each had changed. But Popoy knew that giving in would mean that they would go back to how they were before, that she will just go on her way again and ignore him when she grew tired again of their relationship and he will be left alone again and hurt. So he had no choice but to love alone.